Monday, June 9, 2008

know more about me

Few introduction about me.
who i am?
I m running 20 years.writing these line may 9 2008(2065 jestha 27).
doing freelancing in different magazines and newspapers.i am far from away western development region.
what is the aim in life?
I want to be a good journalist and a writer.
I also want to teach journalism in college.
what are my hobbies?
travelling,reading literature,blogging,compose poem and lyrics also.
favourite books?
Pagal basti,samaya trasadi,Palpasa cafe,sooch,sumnima,shirishko ful,Gauthali ko gud
favourite Magazine ,news papers?
In english :Time,India today,Newsweek,Nepali Times
In nepali:Himal,Nepal
Do you want to contact me?
recently living in New Baneshwor
contact number:9841605756

1 comment:

Basanta Gautam said...

Nice to know about you and your dreams!

You have a good blog. Keep it up.

Happy blogging!